Turnarounds are one of the most important areas of the Knowledge, but they are not one to panic about. For a start you will naturally learn a lot of turnarounds as you are pointing. Where points are near each other and as you note them down with there 1st left turns you will naturally learn turnarounds, those that are not and those that require a turnaround we have created a simple form for you to note these down on. (You can find this below)

We have also created a turn around map of Stratford along with a couple of exercises to help you along and in your understanding of what a turn around is and how to go about noting one up.


Turnaround Practice

1) Stratford and West Ham Police Station


Problem bus lane outside

Proximity  of turnaround is very close

Road is not that wide if the bus lane is not included

Therefore this point is   S on L only but L on L +R  the leaving is different as if you are already in the bus lane e.g.  Just picked up a passenger  the point is easy to leave on the right

So if heading away from Stratford Broadway and you wish to set this point down on the R you need a turnaround which is:-


R Bryant St  L  Pitchford St  L  Widden St  L West Ham Lane SD on L

2) Golden Grove Public House

To  get a R into the Grove you would not be able to cut across all 4 lanes of traffic, to get the right you need to  do the following :-

L on L Great Eastern Rd,    L the Grove,   L  Grove Crescent,    L Gt Eastern Rd,

then finally  R The Grove.

3) Ibis Stratford

You would not Leave this point on the Right as too near to the junction with Stratford Broadway and The Grove. In order to leave this point on the right  you need to do the following:-

L on L Romford Rd,    L Deanery Rd ,  L Litchfield Rd,   R Romford Road

4) Bow County Court

This Point you would not SD on the Right due to the road layout and markings outside this point.

To S on R you need to do the following :-

Heading E on Romford Rd,   R Tavistock Rd,  L  Maitland Rd,  L Romford Rd SD on L.

Practice Exercise 1 : Honor Oak Park Stn

Before you go out complete run 39 as this will bring you near Honor Oak park station

Road lay out :-


Now you can see from the diagram  that  Leaving on the Left  is ok  but you cannot leave on the RIGHT due to the island for this you need a T/A please write that in the space below





Now you can see from the diagram  that  Setting down on the Left  is ok  but you cannot set down on the Right due to the island for this you need a T/A please write that in the space below




Practice Exercise 2 : The Mad Hatter Hotel

Head directly from practice Exercise 1 to do this task.

Road Layout:-


As you can see from the simple diagram the Mad Hatter Hotel is too near the junction with Blackfriars Rd  to be able to leave it on the Right.

Lets say you pick up a passenger from outside the Mad Hatter hotel and they want to go to the corner of Invicta place on Southwark St  (Note you cannot drive into invicta Place as its a no entry) without using Burrell St how would you do this ?





To Down A Copy Of This Exercise >>>CLICK HERE<<<

Here is a Turnaround Note Sheet

To help you note down your turnarounds 


To Download A Copy Of This Sheet >>>CLICK HERE<<<