Run 1 Talk

Hi “so what should you know” before heading off to the famous Manor House Station for your first Run?

Well the Knowledge may seam daunting and full of terms like “Points” & L on L or SD on R….. And if you are anything like me when I first started the Knowledge, your pulling your hair out asking “What are they going on about”….

Anyone who has purchased our Blue Book are welcome to attend out Run 1 Talk. Where we go through the above terms, how to Point, how to make useful notes and a whole lot more….

Below is a handout sheet that is available from the school that we give to all our students when they attend the Run 1 Talk. And even if you have purchased another schools blue books you are more than welcome to pop in and collect one of these sheets as we know it will help you out greatly!

This is a guide it does not mean you have to do it this way, but it it will definitely help you! It will save you time! And it will point you in the write direction! The knowledge is all about finding your own way of learning and taking in the mountains of information that are Roads, Points & Turnarounds. We know through personal and student experience that the best way of doing this is in bite size chunks. Our books and this guide are to help you along this path in the quickest way possible.

You can also download a copy of the guide by clicking on the two links below:

As you have seen with our website we have put lots of helpful information up in our Tips section. To help all students on the Knowledge of London no matter what schools books you have purchased or which area you are from or whatever stage of the Knowledge you are at. Simple put we want you to succeed!