Ronald’s Class


Ronald’s Intermediate/Advanced Knowledge Class

As with all of our instructors, since becoming a London Taxi Driver, Ronald has dedicated much of his time to assist others to achieve their goal of attaining their much coveted Green Badge.

Ronalds’s Intermediate/Advanced Knowledge classes are specifically catered for those coming to the end of their Blue Book, and those on 56’s & 28’s. Below is a list of some of the topics his classes will help you with:

  • Retention of associated points
  • Turnarounds and hard to get out of points
  • Point to point practice, including calling out loud in front of the class
  • Examiners ‘banker’ Point to point runs
  • Bread and butter points including Hotels, Train Stations, Restaurants etc…
  • Basic computer skills to assist with creating a point database

The classes are different every week, and include far too many additional items to be listed here. As with all of our classes, there is always a question and answer session.