Points By Type

Welcome to our New Product for 2016.

“Points By Type”

This product was created with our students in mind, with there input and with input from our class instructors.

We think we have made the perfect points revision aid.

Firstly most point books are created using the post code as the separator.
But what happens if you need to revise your Squares Or Bars Or Lets say Farms around London.
How do you do this using the traditional points packs?
The answer is simply not easily.

So we have created Points By Type for you to resolve this problem.

Firstly the points are broken down in to 75 different categories. (As shown below)



Then we have broken the points down by alphabetical order
and given extra information we know you will find useful. (See below)



This is great information but how are you going to get it?
Well we have decided to print it out and supply it in a A4 4D Ring Folder
with an index page in the front and all the Points Types broken down in to there individual categories
and separated by A-Z page dividers.

Points By Type Folder

This is 284 pages of Pure Golden Information

We have used the following criteria to create this product.

(So you don’t get swamped by useless out of date information)

  • All points shown have been asked within the last 4 years.
  • Roads shown are asked within the last 2 years & moor than 10 times
  • Restaurants asked within the last 2 years.



20-by type