Missing Pieces / Rambles

What Are The Missing Pieces / Rambles?

missingThe terms Missing Pieces & Ramble Runs are common term used for the Roads and Runs used which are not covered within your Blue Book Runs.

I.E. There are obviously thousands of roads around London and the 320 runs covered within your blue books cannot cover all of them.

The great thing about doing these runs/extra study guides, is that you get to learn the Rat Runs and Back Routes around London. In fact they are a Key part to the Knowledge of London.

We have created several books to help you learn theses key roads along with valuable turn arounds and points along the way.

These are:-


west-endWest End Advanced Study

This product focuses on the West End
and consists of 20 Short runs & 10 turn arounds

We would recommend that you complete this advance study pack prior to your first appearance.


west-end-centerWest End Central Advanced Study

This pack consists of 20 short runs and 11 turn arounds
for the WC1 and WC2 areas

This will help strengthen students knowledge of these areas.

Recommended for those  on 56s




cityThe City Advanced Study

This Advanced study guide consists of 20 short runs and 10 turnarounds targeting the city area.

This pack will  help the student have a better understanding of the city and complements the Blue book series.




City Livery RambleCity Livery Ramble

This ramble is essential and students should complete it prior to their first appearance

City Livery Halls are bread and butter points for the knowledge.

This ramble should be easily completed within a few hours.




KenKensington & Chelsea Advanced Study

This guide will help you to master this tricky area, which is often heavily examined .

It is essential for a student to know this area, as you become  qualified drivers you will be picking up and dropping off very frequently in this area.





HotelHotel Ramble

This Ramble is ideal  at any level whether you have just finished  your Blue book runs or are on any of the exam levels (56s 28s and 21s).

When you qualify we have no doubt that  you will be frequently be asked to take or collect customers to and from them so the various hotels  will no doubt be a good source of your income so its a good idea to know them well.

This ramble is will also give you  more practice in the W.1. area as it concentrates on this post code.

Theater Ramble

This ramble is essential as theatre are asked regularly

They are also very busy pick-up and drop-off points for qualified Taxi drivers

This ramble should be easily completed within a few hours.

Also Availible in a larger size.


Buy Any Two Of The Above Rambles 

And Get A 3rd Free. (of the same size/value)

To Claim This Offer Simple Buy Two Rambles And Let Us Know In The 3rd One That You Would Like In The Notes Section When Completing Your Check-Out. Or Simply Phone The School With Your Order No Within 24hrs Of Check-Out And We Will Add It To Your Order Before Shipping.
(Failure To Do This Will Void The Offer)…