Flash Cards


How to use & why use flash card

Flash cards are a brilliant tool to help you get through the Knowledge of London. They work by a very simple method. You literally look at the name of the point on the front of the card, and then recite  the information on the back. You simply turn the card over and see how you have done. By repeating this process and you will move cards in to good and bad piles. By repeating the bad pile more than  the good, you will be surprised at how quickly you will remember your points.

We have filled in a card above to show you how simple it is. It’s pretty self explanatory but we will go  over it to make sure it is clear.

Point: Name of point. Address: Where the point is. The circle with the N in the centre means that it is on the north side of the road as you look at a map.
Arriving: Tick whether you can set down the point on the Left or Right, Left & Right or Facing
is same premise as Arriving.
Details: & Notes: Any special information about the point and marking down what is the 1st road on the Left as you stand with your back to the point. This will help you orientate the point and locate it on a map.

Pointing Flash Cards